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Poplar Grove Golf Club announced in the fall of 2019 that we would undergo extensive renovations in the coming year. We are pleased to announce that the vast majority of these renovations are complete. We are also fully committed to the remaining as well as future projects in order to align ourselves with the best golf clubs in the nation. We are confident that through these renovations, our commitment to excellence and and an emphasis on customer service we will provide a unique and exceptional golfing experience for all our members and guests.

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The Course

Poplar Grove Golf Club is a Sam Snead and Ed Carton design.  Poplar Grove is Sam Snead’s final design and is located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. The golf course features spectacular views and well manicured bent grass tees, fairways, and greens.

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Very well made. Quick turnaround too. We had a big group there, and they did a great job accommodating us all.

Maxine’s chicken salad is just the tip of the iceberg. It is, of course, fantastic, but so is everything she makes. The only thing I dislike about her menu is that all her food is so delicious choosing what to order gives me a headache. Maxine serves the best food at a golf course that I have ever had and that includes the top 20 in Virginia! Better yet, she does it with the best smile ever! Way to go Maxine! You add so much to the great golf experience of Poplar Grove Golf Club.

Flew home from Denver Colorado and had the absolute best sandwich of my life at the turn!! Best course and food in Virginia hands down

There are two things I always get everytime I visit Poplar Grove GC, 1. The Breakfast Sandwich which I get with two eggs over medium with crispy bacon on a lightly toasted and buttered croissant prior to my warm up and then place my order prior to the turn for one of Maxine’s Famous Chicken Salad Sandwiches and take it any way she wants to serve it. I always try my best to get everything down prior to teeing off on the 10th hole because I tend to find myself thinking more about the sandwich then my play…that’s a tribute to how darn good the food is! 🙂 Until we eat, play and eat again! JM

The chicken salad sandwich is AWESOME! My buddy got the PG club and that looked delicious too! Got it at the turn, the ladies working were super friendly. Would 100% get it again!